About the game

Arcade Builder is a casual business simulation game inspired by prison architect. Developed in 2 years on and off while working full time as a passion project by solo developer Adam Dougherty (jamdonut.com)

Open your own games arcade and deal with the influx of customers and their needs!

  1. Start with humble beginnings with just a few pinball machines
  2. Use research and upgrades to unlock more machines, offices and research equipment.
  3. Watch out for events that can effect your happiness and cash flow
  4. Hire the staff you need to keep your business running
  5. Host parties for customers and provide all the necessities for customers to be happy
  6. Build the entire arcade layout including walls, floor and lights
  7. Listen to customer feedback and build your arcade accordingly
  8. Idle mode level (no building, simply place the machines you want and play :) )
  9. Complete set of tasks and missions to help guide you

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